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My first time to Italy pt. 1

I started out the new year with my first trip to Europe, and now I'm already itching to go back.

My husband and I had the most wonderful time exploring Milan, Florence, Venice, the Dolomites, and ending our trip in the stunning Lake Como!

I have always loved history, so being able to experience towns where you are practically surrounded by history I was obsessed. I loved walking hand in hand with my husband Adam down the cobblestone streets, getting gelato every few hours, and wandering from art museum to cathedral.

Here are some of my favorite moments from Florence and Venice:

Michelangelo's "David" was truly one of the most magnificent things I have ever seen. The detail was so exact that you could see ever vein and curl of hair.

This one might be my favorite photo from the trip^

It was so interesting to learn that this bridge was the only one that remained intact after WWII

We met the cutest couple while admiring the bridge and they allowed me to take some photos of them!

I had to take some photos of the iconic gondolas! It was so impressive to watch the men maneuver the boats in the choppy water.

Beautiful architecture everywhere you look.

My handsome husband Adam:)

We took a ferry over to the town of Murano which is known for it's glass blowing. We attended a live workshop where a Master of the Glass showed us how he makes a glass, as well as sculpted glass horse(check out my personal instagram @tacyliz for a reel showing him sculpt)

After our time on Murano we took a ferry to the island of Burano. This small community was filled with bright, colorful houses. Adam and I could hardly go 2 seconds without commenting how cute everything was. It felt straight out of a story book.

Imagine taking your engagement photos here;)

I'll be back with more details about the rest of the trip!



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