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Sara & Brock - Engagements

As a fine art wedding photographer, every shoot presents a unique opportunity to capture the beauty and essence of a couple's love. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing Sara and Brock at the stunning Thomas S Monson Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Monson Center's architecture is a marvel to behold, perfectly balancing modern and classic design elements to create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. The snow-covered grounds, which still showed hints of winter despite our anticipation of spring blossoms, provided a striking contrast against the building's grandeur. We focused on harnessing the natural sunlight and its interplay with the building's shadows to create a warm, intimate ambiance.

For the first outfit, Sara donned a beautiful white dress adorned with a light blue floral pattern, which added a playful and romantic touch to the shoot. Her softly curled blonde locks, carefully coiffed, evoked a sense of sophistication and grace. Brock's attire, a blue and white striped shirt layered under a navy sweater, paired seamlessly with tan pants to complete the couple's elegant and timeless look.

For the second outfit, the couple opted for a more casual ensemble, but it was no less stunning. Sara wore a green cardigan with gold buttons and cream detailing on the edges, which perfectly complemented the natural surroundings. Her shoes were the Loeffler Randall Dahlia Blue Pleated Bow Heel. Brock chose a light blue button-up and khaki pants to balance the playfulness of Sara's cardigan.

Throughout the shoot, Sara's radiant-cut engagement ring served as a beautiful centerpiece that perfectly encapsulated the couple's unique love story. The way it sparkled in the sunlight was a sight to behold and it provided an elegant and timeless touch to every shot.

The photo shoot with Sara and Brock at the Thomas S Monson Center was an incredibly heartwarming and unforgettable experience. The stunning architecture, beautiful natural surroundings, and the couple's genuine love for each other all came together to create a truly magical shoot. It was evident from the way they looked at each other and the way they held hands that their love was one-of-a-kind and truly special. It was an honor to capture their love story and to witness the bond they share. I feel blessed to have been a part of their journey and to have created memories they will cherish for a lifetime. Looking forward to their June wedding!



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