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Beautiful images don't just happen.

Tips for your wedding day

I. Don't skip an engagement session

I've found that an engagement session allows us to get to know each other so we aren't strangers on your wedding day! You will have already learned how each other works so you will feel comfortable and prepared to jump right into things with me on your special day.

II. Know your lighting

Beautiful images are made even more stunning when you have the perfect natural light! I suggest scheduling your day around the sun to ensure the very best photos possible. This means shooting your portraits before the ceremony, or saving at least 30 minutes before the sun sets for those special shots. If you aren't a fan of flash I also suggest adding extra external light to your reception venue to ensure all the details are illuminated.


III. Details matter

I LOVE to capture all the details you've spent so long curating for your special day, and in order to make sure we don't miss anything we need to be extra organized and prepared. This means putting together a box of all your accessories for photographing, making sure your getting ready space is clean and tidy, and making a plan with me to make sure we don't miss a thing!

IV. Create a realistic timeline

Consult with your vendors when planning your wedding timeline. We have attended hundreds of weddings and may know a little better how much time things will take, and what things could take longer than planned. For example, saving more than 5 minutes after the sun goes down for family portraits.


V. Consider a first look

By doing a first look prior to the ceremony it will allow us to tackle most of the portraits, saving only the absolute necessary ones for after. This means less time standing for formal photos after the ceremony, and more time interacting with your guests.

VI. Put technology away

Encourage a cell phone free ceremony! Not only will this let me capture images free from distractions(your uncle recording the ceremony on his ipad), but also allow your guests to be fully present with you while you are married! The last thing you want is for 3 hands with neon phone cases poking out while you walk down the aisle!


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